How to rent a folding bike in Calgary, Alberta? Trails and Roads, tours and other valuable advice


If you are out of town and keep immediately in anywhere out of some other bike rentals, you can definitely contact Nomad Mobile Gear Rentals. The provider rents city bicyclesroad bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. The maximum information is they may send your preferred bicycle to where you’re keeping and pick it back when you’re finished. Booking online or early booking is tremendously recommended. The firm might charge you from $30 for leasing cycles together side the fix kit.

Calgary is the largest city in the Alberta province located in foothills. There is no better solution to research and delight in the city by taking a tour with an bicycle. It truly is definitely a more economical solution to devote your holiday plus offers you health-benefits. This provides you with greater independence and fun encounter. Well, you really do not possess to bring your bicycle into Calgary, you’re able to simply let it from any bike rentals.

The major excitement of renting bikes in Calgary could be that the paths. That’s the reason why many rentals offer many types of folding bikes. However, it is also not tricky to locate people that offer street bikes or cruiser in the event that you want to remain back on your way. BigSandyBay is the leasing shop where you’ll discover rental bikes in Calgary, Alberta.

Bow Cycle Bike Rentals

This is a fresh vendor that enables one to rent bicycles without exhausted. Bow cycle lifts their e-bikes for each day so that you can research a broader Calgary region. Bow cycle additionally rents out other equipment for example travel scenarios, racks, wheels, and so on. Fat bicycles can also be readily available to rent throughout the winter-snowy period of time.

Calgary Cycle

Calgary has two famous trails to bicycle upward, the Moose Mountain paths and West Bragg Creek trails. Since you’re going to bicycle the trails, you desire a mountain bicycle. It truly is advised to stop by the Calgary Cycle that rents out their mountain bicycles to get one-day. A flat charge $90 is really for Salsa mountain bikes as you may pay $60-ВЈ 120 to your Trek kinds.

Rath Bicycle

The business is conducted by the family that rents the classic bikes hourly as well as each day. Rath Bicycle restores all the vintage bicycles which ended up their former business previous to renting them out back. The business additionally functions fixes, tuned-up, and also other companies for any bicycles. For bike renting, the provider costs you 15 per hour, $25 a couple weeks, $ $35 per dayper day, and $40 per day.

Rapid Rent Outlaw Sports

The store rents out generic bikes(road bike and mountain bike) a hybrid bicycles along with all the accessories. If you’re going to research streets and portions of the hill in the Calgary, a hybrid bike is the best pal. The retail store gives you the ability to let the bike hourly but deliver you a decrease price for a day and also for a week. Huge sandy Bay gives you complete information and lets you book online.

Outdoor Centre of University of Calgary

The outdoor facility isn’t the sole expert on outdoors tools and equipment; you can also locate any types of cycle there. They let outside road bicycles, excess fat bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid vehicles. The outdoor facility could charge a fee $30 to ВЈ 42 daily for bike rentals and much more in the event that you rent the apparatus including trailers, racks, helmet locks and so on. The University Calgary owns it ; you can begin your travel to Calgary there.

Sports Rent

Additionally, it is irrelevant if you’re going to bike up trails or down to the roadways, you might find whatever that you want at Sports Rent. The company provides many kinds of bicycle which includes street bicycles, tandem bikes, cruisers, and several types of mountain bicycles from a number of superior brand names. Sports Rent can ask you for from $25 to $60 per day for bicycle leasing and lets you book on the web.

Yes Surrey

In the event you are unfamiliar with two wheels to get any reasons, you might need the fourwheel bicycles instead. Surrey or fourwheel bike allows you for seats and bring two or more different people researching the Calgary. Yes, Surrey costs you from $30 per hour while ancient booking is recommended as a result of the website or telephone the customer care. The provider takes a legitimate bank card for bike rentals.


If you should be on the lookout to get a dedicated mountain bike rental in Calgary, then WinSport is at which you go. The company rents out various types of mountain-bike including those with a complex suspension which may charge a fee $52 to $86 each evening for rent. You may assess the bicycle versions previous to leasing. WinSport now supplies mountain-bike lesson that’s readily available for kids and mature for example the private courses.

Banff Adventures

If you’re visiting going into Banff National Park, you can let the bikes form Banff National Park. They rent bot cruisers if you want to abide by the road paths and mountain bikes if you should be going to bicycle paths at the National parks. The provider protects you from $12 a hour and $35 daily.


It’s possible to discover a lot of bike rentals across the Legacy Trail, certainly one of the best may be your GearUp. This leasing center contains whatever that you want to bike the paths which includes mountain, mountainvehicle, and full suspension bikes. Gear Up can bill a fee 45 daily where you do not spend a lot more over the helmet.


It’s actually an outdoor store which lifts out various types of bike which includes road bikes, tandem bikes, trail bikes, city cycles, therefore on. Since it is an outdoor shop, you can easily find camping gears if you are likely to stay overnight on the trails. This permits one to have a very long biking trip researching the Calgary.